Planting seeds of rehabilitation through small acts of kindness

Heaven Sent is a community-based initiative that assists the 4,000+ individuals in Miami-Dade County who are living on the streets or in shelters. Through our efforts, we provide opportunities and hope for our friends without homes, clothing, food, and toiletries.


Hygiene and Hunger

Hygiene and Hunger

Hygiene an hunger are huge challenges for anyone living on the streets.  We believe in feeding the homeless but also letting them know there’s still LOVE in the world. The haircuts and other hygiene-related services we provide ensure dignity, confidence, and a fresh feeling for those in need.

Donate clothes, blankets , toiletries, food and more
to improve hygiene and eliminate hunger.


Community and Contribution

Community and Contribution

Heaven Sent wants to spread the message of hope across the world -  raising funds and promoting awareness to instill faith in humankind and make a difference in the world. Through advocacy work and other activities, our team works tirelessly each day to lend a helping hand.

Help us deliver hope and build a better community.


Financial Support

Financial Support

Monetary contributions enable us to provide services and deliver hope to those we serve in South Florida.

Reduce hunger and provide men, women,
and children with basic necessities.

Stories From Our Community


Volunteers help bring hope to people like Adrienne who has been without a home for about 10 years living in harsh conditions.


Financial contributions fuel the incredible resilience of Robert who has been on the streets for twenty five years working to get out of his situation.


Donations of food and supplies make it possible for Thomas to have a decent meal at events like Heaven Sent's Annual Harvest of Memories Thanksgiving dinner.