Our Stories

Mission and Vision

Heaven Sent is a community-based initiative created to help the 4,000+ individuals in Miami-Dade County who are currently living on the streets or in shelters. Through our efforts, we provide our friends without homes clothing, food, and toiletries, in hopes that our small acts of kindness will plant the seed of rehabilitation.

Core Values

Heaven Sent has 7 core values that we  share with our employees, donors, volunteers and our friends without homes. The number 7 is important to us because it indicates completeness or perfection. Heaven Sent serves the community through these core values:

Love, Christ-Like Compassion, Excellence, Grace, Integrity, Passion, Empowerment

Our History

In 2012, Charles Mack worked as a busboy in a Mexican restaurant and he lived like many people in the US: lost and unsure of his purpose. At the time, Charles struggled to cope with his sense of disconnection after dealing with the heartbreak from a difficult relationship. While going through the motions of day to day life working at the restaurant, he noticed a homeless man behind the establishment. Every time he arrived for a shift or left for the day, he would find this man sleeping or preparing his bed.

After weeks of seeing this man every afternoon and night, Charles finally gathered up the courage to speak with the man. He started the conversation and offered him food. Little did Charles know this conversation and act of kindness would spark a major shift in his life journey.

After that conversation, Charles felt a newfound sense of peace and warmth from helping someone in need and uncovered a connection with another human being. He knew people like this man deserved respect, compassion, and kinship. In that act of kindness, he not only forged a new relationship--Charles uncovered a newfound sense of purpose.  He discovered an inner desire to help the less fortunate, homeless, and hopeless. He began providing food and aid to the homeless with his family. Over the years, support for his cause grew, so Charles created the Heaven Sent Foundation with a vision of planting the seeds of rehabilitation through acts of service and kindness to the homeless. Now his organization is on a mission to serve clothing, food, and supplies to 4,000 homeless and at-risk individuals throughout Miami-Dade.

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